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Value Proposition
LegacyCreators Value Proposition is its key differentiator as a competitor from the multitude of offerings in a highly fragmented marketplace.  LegacyCreators provides detailed reporting (education, employment and position attained) of participant outcomes for a specified demographic.  LegacyCreators personal coaching and instructor resources are its Young Black and Latino Men who directly identify with the plight of our participants. The LegacyCreators Road Map to Success has been battled tested in theory and application since 1997 at TSG University, and has been proven to work in a cohort environment with the same level of success as a stand-alone participant.

The LegacyCreators reciprocal accountability methodology rewards all stakeholders for success, and offers improvement solutions for personal coaches and participants when the achievement of milestones does not reflect measurable progress in meaningful time. The LegacyCreators variable revenue expense financial model allocates less than 10% of all revenue for overhead expenses.  LegacyCreators is committed to maintaining its premier status as one of the highest quality lowest cost per graduate/employment for Young Black and Latino Men in the United States.

The LegacyCreators Value Proposition makes it one of the best of breed world-class solutions for systematically producing economic impact for the future of underserved communities, its people.
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