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Social Enterprise Model
Social Enterprises are social mission driven organizations that apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose.  The goal of a social enterprise is to accomplish targets that are both social and financial.  Many commercial businesses have social objectives, but social enterprises are distinct because their social purpose is central to their operation. LegacyCreators is a social enterprise, making it necessary that the organization produce $7 Million of economic impact by achieving a 98% retention, graduation and employment rate for its young Black and Latino men as a means to solidify and maintain its Value Proposition.

The LegacyCreators partnership model generates earned income by; 1) engaging a CLIENT that has participants and indigenous funding (i.e. school district, college, university or community organization), 2) a JOINT VENTURE with an organization that has or is pursuing specific funding but lacks a vehicle by which to produce systematic successful outcomes; or 3) working with an INVESTOR such as an individual, foundation or organization that has identified a specific client, demographic or geography in the need of economic impact through the educational and employment development of its underserved human resources.
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