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Road Map to Success
LegacyCreators' Road Map to Success Consists of Three Components;

Personal Coaching
The Personal Coaching component of the LegacyCreators Road Map to Success is the “HOW” that provides one-on-one success management to our participants. Unlike volunteer mentors who are not rewarded or penalized based on a participant’s outcomes, a LegacyCreators Personal Coach is compensated and held accountable for each participant’s success.

The LegacyCreators reciprocal accountability methodology rewards all stakeholders for success.  It also offers improvement solutions for personal coaches and participants when the achievement of projected milestones within the Personal Goal Tracker does not reflect measurable progress in meaningful time.

A LegacyCreators Personal Coach motivates the participant to achieve social change by using the “carrot” to accomplish desired goals (i.e. education, employment, family, etc), and not the stick to avoid threatened penalties (i.e. suspension, expulsion, prison, etc).

Personal Goal Tracker
A philosopher once stated, “a man can bear any what if he has a big enough WHY”.  The Personal Goal Tracker provides the “Why” as an avenue for young Black and Latino men to align their goals and behaviors to a documented plan for success in five core areas: academic, education, employment, career and financial.  Our Personal Goal Tracker is far superior to a generic mentoring discussion regarding the value of education and goal setting that seldom result in systematic successful outcomes.  Retention, graduation and employment are the end results of milestone achievements in a participant’s Personal Goal Tracker.

Success Curriculum
The Success Curriculum component of the LegacyCreators Road Map to Success provides each participant with a visual reality of their Education Return on Investment (EROI) as we believe a person cannot “be” what they cannot “see”. The Success Curriculum engages participants by providing a framework for analyzing and solving life situations by allowing participants to learn from each other and LegacyCreators alumni instructors through class dialogue.

A large percentage of young Black and Latino males are seldom exposed to outcomes other than drugs, gangs and crime.  Their expectations rarely extend beyond high compensation low probability “neck down” careers such as the NFL, NBA or the entertainment industry.  Unfortunately, when the reality of “low probability” becomes “no probability” far too many young Black and Latino men start down a road of excelling at everything that represents failure and failing at everything that represents success.

The Success Curriculum counters this behavior by offering participants an EROI that entails high return high probability “neck up” career goals based on the achievement of a B.A., B.S., EE, M.A. or MBA as opposed to the NFL or NBA.  The EROI provides a participant with a simple formula entailing the odds of their projected lifetime income that is predictable with the rising of the sun versus a winning lottery ticket.  LegacyCreators utilizes case studies from America’s leading business schools to teach reinvention, innovation, brand management, crisis management, decision making theory and conflict resolution to facilitate critical leadership and personal management skills.  

The Success Curriculum also offers an optional Experience-ship weekend retreat to the home of a LegacyCreators instructor where participants are exposed to a community social transformation exhibit, learn the case study methodology, tour an undergraduate or graduate academic institution and a presentation at a corporate facility that outlines numerous post graduation career opportunities.

The Success Curriculum is available as an integrated tool within the Road Map to Success or as an “a la carte” adjunct professor solution for course credit.
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