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LegacyCreators never has and never will proactively assist in the placement of its graduates because our organization does not subscribe to the theory or application of “hook a brutha or sista up”!

When a participant makes a written documented commitment to their Road Map to Success via their Personal Goal Tracker they make a pledge of self-sufficiency to control their own destiny for the rest of their life.  At LegacyCreators we believe that a foundation built on a “hand out” will consistently lead to the participant’s expectation that somebody or something other than themselves will always be responsible for their success.  Similar to the philosophy that the best welfare program is a job, LegacyCreators has proven that a personal business plan in the form of a well documented and implemented Road Map to Success (i.e., graduation from a quality academic institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, high quality resume, outstanding interview skills, deliberate and concise follow-up with employment opportunities, etc.) is the best and only placement assistance a Black or Latino participant will ever need.
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