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Women of Color
Young Black and Latina Women
Young Black and Latina Women also face the same challenges confronted by Young Black and Latino Men, as their graduation rates in high school and college are less than 50%.  Unfortunately, they also have the fastest growing incarceration and HIV infection rates in the United States, and their ever-increasing rate of teen pregnancy is having an equally devastating effect on both genders and their children.  

LegacyCreators established the Young Black and Latina Women Pilot in 2007 to validate that the successful outcomes from the Road Map to Success was gender neutral, thus not limited to men.  Although the number of participants in the pilot was limited to four women, they all graduated in four years with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  One such participant, Shavonne Ward, is currently a teacher for Kipp Charter Schools and serves on the LegacyCreators Board of Directors.
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