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At LegacyCreators, our vision is to nationally replicate our social enterprise model to remove Young Black and Latino Men from the list of America’s Endangered Species.1

We have more work to do when more young Black men languish in prison than
attend colleges and universities across America.  --   President Barack Obama

At least 40% of Young Black and Latino Men are threatened by CHANGING ENVIRONMENTAL or PREDATION PARAMETERS based on the following;
  • 44.8% and 10.3% of Black and Latino Men, Ages of 25 to 44 Die Annually.  Kaiser Foundation
  • 1980 to 1995, Suicide Rate Rose From 5.6% to 13% for Black Adolescents.  Clare Xanthos
  • 2002 to 2007, Homicides Involving Black Male Juveniles Rose 31% as Victims and 43% as Perpetrator and the Average Increase as Victims and Perpetrators was 49% When a Gun was Involved.  Northeastern University

1An Endangered Species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either few in numbers, or threatened by Changing Environmental (i.e. Lack of Education, Under and Unemployment, Incarceration, Crime, Gangs, Drugs, HIV, Mortality Rate, Suicide, etc) or Predation Parameters (i.e. War on Crime, War on Drugs, War on Gangs, Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, etc).  The International Union for Conservation of Nature ( has calculated the percentage of endangered species as 40% of all organisms based on the sample of species that have been evaluated through 2006.

Sample of Books and Articles That Reference Black and Latino Men as Endangered Species:
Young, Black, and Male in America: An Endangered Species by Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, et al. (1988)
Why Young Black Men Are Endangered by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (2006)
Kill Them Before They Grow: Misdiagnosis of African American Boys in American Classrooms by Michael Porter (1998)
The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making of A Slave by Willie Lynch (2009)
Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys by Jawanza Kunjufu (1990)
Mentoring Young Men of Color: Meeting the Needs of African American and Latino Students by Horace R. Hall (2006)
Homeless Not Hopeless: The Survival Networks of Latinos and African American Men by Edna Molina-Jackson (2008)
The African American Male as an Endangered Species by Ira Whitlock (1992)
No Brothers Left Behind by Kim R. Wells (2006)
America Has Lost a Generation of Black Boys by Phillip Jackson (2007)
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